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Frastema born in 1974 with his first establishment based on 1000 square meter area. After two year, in 1979, we decided to built another factory, structured on two levels, housing a highly sophisticated department for painting the ophthalmic unit components.

  • Production is through two perfectly synchronized robots and a completely automatized plant.
  • Again, in 1996, in consideration of the increasing market demand, Frastema decided to give the two pre-existing factories the support of a third one, on an area of approximately 800 square meters, again structured on two levels

All our 4 independently working assembly lines has enabled us to become increasingly competitive, regards both the quality/price ratio and productive flexibility, guaranteeing greater promptness in the execution of orders and better compliancy to the details requested by the final customers.

We have 3 CNC lathes, 3 CNC work centers, 1 NC milling machine and a welding robot, the true pride and joy of the production department, for assembling the metal structures.
Those are the most modern and productive machine in circulation.

The competitiveness of our products come from the attention with which the manufacturing of every single piece is made in its movements. Tool machines with high automation, allow to produce in high quantity and in economy of scale.



From the analysis of the market or upon requests of the customers, we can give any kind of answer working on the base of our experience and, with the consulting of designers to care the style, we get a high level of all our products.


Four independent assembly lines allow to satisfy the different market requests in short time. Every assembled equipment is always complete of test made with computerized tester, printed and attached to the documentation.


Two lines of robotized painting, a drying oven and a pickling tunnel, allow us to get high results of finishing of the surfaces. With the wide choice of colors and finishing offered, we can satisfy any requirements of our customers.


Each product after that has been monitored and supervised, is packed complete of the documentation required and loaded with the utmost care to reaches its destination ready for a quick and easy installation.


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