A little space occupied, a pleasant design, the simpleness of use and the completeness of equipments make of this little unit the ideal solution whose don’t have too space at disposal and need to utilize the most modern ophthalmic instruments today necessary for an accurate examination of the sight.

The chair offers many advantages: it allows patient preoperative preparation, treatment or surgery, and postoperative care. The patient remains seated in the chair throughout the procedure, from admission to postoperative care.


Right and left solution

Available chairs:
All models of chairs except 88FA

Available optionals:

  • Horizontal counterbalanced arm art. 63AB or 63CD
  • Rechargeable wells art. 65PCR

Technical data
Consult the table below to find out all the technical data of this product.

Input tension220V 50-60 Hz. – 110V 50/60 Hz.
Power990 VA
Lamp power15 W
Table height910 mm
Weight180 kg
Width1475 mm
Depth1580 mm
Height2100 mm