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Surgeon stool, featuring electric height adjustment and infinitely adjustable and ergonomically designed arm rests. The multi articulated arms rest are adjustable to any desired surgical position.


The SURGICAL operating chair has been developed specifically for outpatient surgery. This product helps to prevent patient movements and the risk of back injury for your staff. It provides unparalleled comfort for the patient and improves your efficiency. The SURGICAL chair is suitable for ophthalmology, surgery procedures. Using multiple operating chairs, patients can be moved efficiently from the outpatient surgery unit to the operating unit.

The chair offers many advantages: it allows patient preoperative preparation, treatment or surgery, and postoperative care. The patient remains seated in the chair throughout the procedure, from admission to postoperative care. Before and after surgery, it is not necessary to use a bed or a stretcher: this saves time and reduces investments.

  • Before and after surgery, it is not necessary to use a bed or a stretcher: this saves time and reduces investments.
  • No need to transfer the patient from the stretcher to the operating table. This makes the SURGICAL chair highly ergonomic for nurses, staff and the patient.
  • Your efficiency will improve significantly by using multiple SURGICAL operating chairs.
Power supply & emergency safety devices
The power supply is used only for the battery charge, moreover, the chair is provided with various emergency and safety devices.

Duty cycle battery
The battery allows to work till 1 week before recharge it.

The specific wheels equipped with a foot pedal that allows 3 position: directional, steering, brake.

Hand control
The hand control allows a complete control of all movements & settings of the chair.


  • Electric foot control
  • Armrest for anaesthesia
  • Oxygen connection
  • Wrist rest for the surgeon

Technical data
Consult the table below to find out all the technical data of this product.

Approximate net weight200 kg
Maximum patient weight250 kg
Tension220-240 V (110 V)
Frequency50-60 Hz
Power660 VA
Battery voltage24 Vdc
Rechargeable system built inYes
Battery level displayYes
Battery working cycleApprox 1 week (under standard working conditions)
Minimum height600 mm
Maximum height900 mm
Column stroke300 mm
Backrest tilt angle0° (Flat) / 82°
Legrest tilt angle0° (Flat) / 62°
Trendelenburg angle18°/-6° (total tilt angle 24°)
Seat width600 mm
Wheels3 positions commanded by pedal (brake/steer/directional)
Hand controlFull control of the actuators
Headrest3 movements useful for a complete possibility of regulations
OptionalsArmrest, Oxygen pipe