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93AF – Berens Prism Bar

Horizontal Counterbalanced Arm 63AB

63CD – Counterbalanced Arm

63DA / 63DB – Vertical Motorized Arm

63HA – Horizontal Manual Sliding Arm

63HT – Horizontal Monitorized Sliding Arm

63AB1 – Wall Support for Horizontal Counterbalanced Arm

63ABM – Transformer

63CZ – Vertical Arm Support

63SA1-70/63SA1-90 – Horizontal Arm Support

63SA2 – Vertical Arm Support

65V1 – chest of drawers Delta

65NE1 – chest of drawers New Executive

65M3 – chest of drawers Modular Light

65M4 – chest of drawers Modular Omni

65Y2 – writing desk Prestige

65NE2 – Writing Desk New Executive

65Z2 – Writing Desk Master

65SR – Writing Desk

Accessories for chairs