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Our Vision For The Future

Today our industry faces many challenges that impact EyeCare practices, the professionals that staff them, as well as the patients who depend upon them to deliver best eye care standards. One of the greatest hurdles that all parties face within the practice is the traditional compromise between quantity, quality, and cost – the value proposition. Minimizing this compromise lies at the core of meeting all needs and creating healthy, thriving practices.

Data Collection

Doctors need to obtain as much relevant data as possible, as quickly and economically as possible, to establish clear and realistic patient expectations, yield best diagnostic discernment, achieve superior treatment outcomes, satisfy patients, and realize critical ROI and profitability.


Practice staff members are tasked with increasing daily patient throughput, while providing reliable test methodologies, meaningful patient education, and enhanced workflow productivity, all in a high-tech environment with more engaged and satisfied patients.

Superior Results

Patients expect a shorter office visit that still fulfills a greater need to understand their experience, more face time with the physician, and superior optical results that enhance the quality of their lifestyle. Office visits that run efficiently, respect the patients’ time and schedule.

Choose FRASTEMA First

At FRASTEMA, we know that the correct combination of technology and process implementation can create a paradigm shift within the practice- redefining the traditional value proposition and creating a new template-standard for technology adoption within our industry. Time is the hinge pin within each practice. A new generation of FRASTEMA technology integration recaptures this precious commodity – allowing each practice to choose how to reinvest ‘time’ for their greatest gain.

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