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2.900,00 IVA

Keep it Clean surgical chair-cover technology vastly improves chair turnaround time while minimizing the risk of patient cross contamination. These covers are 100% waterproof on the back side and absorbent and non-slip on the front. Keep it Clean covers will always stay in place, keeping patients from sliding down the chair and eliminating time consuming repositioning before or during a procedure.

Made to perfectly fit our two different chair sizes, Keep it Clean covers will protect all motors and moving parts against damage resulting from exposure to corrosive liquids. When combined with the seamless upholstery construction that is standard with all Frastema srl tables and chairs, Keep it Clean provides the highest level of defense against colonizing organisms that can fester in the cracks and crevices of traditional stitched surfaces. The application of a chair-cover between procedures is fast and simple, yielding decreased non-operative time and improved patient throughput.

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Stand Alone Operating System, composed by:
• Column
• Lifting actuator system
• Counterbalanced arm
• Foot control adjustements