The unit Exclusive 65SA is equipped with a traversing table table top with 15 cm of electrically adjustable height and it is carried manually from the operarator in the work position. The movement is locked with a magnet and unlocked with a switch on the table control panel. On the column is possible to apply the horizontal counterbalanced arm or the vertical counterbalanced arm both manual than motorized.

Available also version EXCLUSIVE 65SE without motorized table elevation.

Right and left solution

With motorized elevation instruments table

Available chairs:
All models of chairs

Available optionals:

  • Horizontal counterbalanced arm art. 63AB, 63CD, vertical arm art. 63DA
  • Rechargeable wells art. 65PCR

Technical data
Consult the table below to find out all the technical data of this product.

Input tension220V 50-60 Hz. – 110V 50/60 Hz.
Power1060 VA
Halogen lamp120 W
Weight only unit180 kg
Counterweight40 kg
Width1610 mm
Depth1580 mm
Height1900 mm